Research Focus

The research focus of the Ludwig-Meyer-Institute is on the evaluation of psychiatric expertise concerning legal questions as well as on exploring the underlying (neurobiological) mechanism of forensic relevant behavior. By using neuroimaging methods, it is possible to investigate structural as well as functional changes in the brain during forensic relevant behavior and to explore their relevance concerning legal questions.

In addition to basic scientific questions, the research of the Ludwig-Meyer-Institute aims to develop new clinical methods for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of forensic related disorders (e. g. sexual deviancy, aggressive behavior).

For example, the Ludwig-Meyer-Institute disposes the only own virtual reality laboratory in Germany. Virtual realities allow the design of realistic situations that may be used for therapeutic or prognostic purposes without endangering others (e. g. simulating realistic risk situations). In addition to answering basic scientific questions, the development of new clinical methods for forensic psychiatry is the main application purpose for virtual realities